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Darcy wrote this song for her children, Carly and Brian. A parent's love is one of the most powerful and life altering emotions — nothing compares....................

The jasmine on one beautiful spring day was the inspiration for this song. Never take life for granted — it could all change in a split second. This song was arranged and produced by Steve Lucier.


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This song was written by Darcy and John Herote, a talented composer, arranger, and musician from Germany. It was a musical project aimed at helping young people stand up for who they are and what they believe is right. Sometimes we get caught up with the wrong crowd, but we all have the courage to get out — we just have to find that courage, and believe.....

One of Darcy's favorite Christmas songs. Written by Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene, Darcy produced and performed the vocals and acoustic guitars, as well as arranging and programming all instrumentation. The final master was done at Chris Graham Mastering. Spreading joy:)

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