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GASC Announces Winners: "Love Her More Tha I Do" — FINALIST

Press Release

April 2016


"Love Her Mor Than I Do"  — Lyrics and music by Darcy Jeavons has been chosen as a Finalist in the 17th Annual Great American Song Contest. Songwriters from 44 countries entered this year's competition with thousands of submissions. Here are some of the judges' comments made about Darcy's heartfelt song:


“Instantly engaging hook and singer’s insightful point of view make this song special. The chorus also benefits from solid melodic construction. The overall lyrical story is effectivelycommunicated. It’s a real pleasure to hear this high level of songwriting. I hope we’ll be hearing more from you in the future. Congratulations.”  (To listen to Love Her More Than I Do, click here)



Darcy Jeavons: “Unspoken - Perfect range of sweet & innocent-meets-bold & confident"

Sleeping Bag Studios

April 2016


The first thing that’ll reach your ears upon pressing play on Darcy Jeavons’ new-single “Unspoken” is the incredible clarity and production in the music and atmosphere, as what could pretty much be described as the world’s most angelic guitar tones begin to ring out softly.

Now…keep in mind…it’s pretty rare to find a singer starting on beat-one of a song…otherwise it’d be Darcy’s vocals that would impress you…or perhaps the song-writing and the mountain-sized build that this song contains within its structure…there are a great many things you could potentially fall easily in love with about Jeavons’ new song. There’s the confidence in her voice — the beautiful tones and notes she hits that resemble many singer/songwriters that have paved the way like Chrissy Hynde or Aimee Mann or even Nancy/Ann Wilson…(To read entire review, click here)



Music Review: Classic Passion
Linda Freeman

TIW Music

​August 2013

Darcy Jeavons is one of those rare singers who makes great vocals sound effortless. Listening to her pop songs is like having strawberries dipped in whipped cream -- it's a tasty, indulgent treat. Darcy, a singer songwriter from Huntington Beach, California, writes songs reminiscent of Carole King and sings them with a voice as rich as Carly Simon or Trisha Yearwood. There's passion in each tune, whether it's a heartfelt love song ("My Hero") or a touching song about parenthood (Warning: Do not listen to "My Little Girl and Boy" on a crowded commuter train, as you may start crying, and people may stare at you *cough*). 
One of Darcy's most powerful songs, "I Am Gonna Tell," is performed by Alani Claire and enhanced by a powerful beat that matches the urgency of her message. Other standouts are "So Into You," a collaboration with Jason Mark Yates with a fluid bossa nova vibe and "I Dance With You," which boasts a lovely piano intro and a compelling, accelerating tempo. Half of Darcy's music sales via ReverbNation go to the charity "Half The Sky Movement", another good reason to download her songs.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Linda Freeman  — TIW Music

Darcy Jeavons: “Love Her More Than I Do” – a delicious blend of her amazing voice and rich imagery

Jamshere Magazine

March 2015


Darcy Jeavons straddles the world between folk and pop music with equal grace and ease, forging a delicious blend of her amazing voice and rich imagery. “Love Her More Than I Do”is yet another beautiful lyrical and musical achievement in Darcy’s glowing catalog. Here Darcy invests the song with passionate vocals and shows her artistic chops as a writer by producing a song filled with insightful and memorable words and music.

Wistful but rhythmic, Darcy Jeavons follows the path cut by greats before her, as she maintains a balance between being comforting and inspiring. Darcy pours her whole heart into this recording, without being magniloquent or condescending. This is the love of a mother, simply honest and pure!

                                                                                                                                           (To read entire review, click here)



“If You Were Mine”, the Latest Song from Singer-Songwriter Darcy Jeavons Soars Up the Charts

February 2014



With the emotional power of Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings”, and the intense vocals of Celine Dion, Darcy Jeavons’ latest song “If You Were Mine” is a powerful expression of faith and love. Her vocal quality conveys beautifully in the track alongside the instrumental accompaniment.The song itself was written as a live acoustic work but later evolved...(To read entire review, click here)

2014 UK Songwriting Contest Press Release

Winner — 5 Semi-Finalist Awards: Darcy Jeavons

August 2014


"The UK Songwriting directors and judges include some of the world's top 


Grammy, Emmy and BRIT Award winning producers who have worked 


closely with such artists as Sting, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Kylie 


Minogue, Robbie Williams, Oasis, Britney Spears and many others. 


There were more than 9,000 entries in the 2014 contest and we are pleased that 


Darcy Jeavons achieved such impressive results in this year's event and 


wish Darcy every success in the future."


                                                                                                                            —  UKSC Contest Spokesperson



Musician Composes Song to Promote Awareness of Sexual Violence Against Youth

Journal of Humanitarian Affairs

August 2013


"Sexual abuse, according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, impacts a high percentage of youth. Approximately 44% of those who report sexual abuse are under age 18. In the tradition of musicians throughout centuries, composer, Darcy Jeavons, is bringing attention to the critical issue of child sexual abuse through her song, I Am Gonna Tell. ” (read full article)


                                                               Carol Forsloff — Journal Of Humanitarian Affairs (Aug 09, 2012)

OMN TV Presents Artist Spotlight with Darcy Jeavons

OMN TV Productions/Nutmeg Television

November 2013

Producer Robert Getz features Darcy Jeavons in an Artist Spotlight interview for Open Mic Night, a program featuring independent songwriters and musical artists from around the world. 

(To view the entire interview, click here)

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