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Darcy finds pleasure working with other talented musicians in a variety of styles. She feels tremendously fortunate to have been able to work with some amazing artists from all over the world. These are only a few of those collaborations - with many more to come.......

  Featured Artists

John Herote and Darcy have collaborated on a number of original songs. He is an accomplished arranger, producer, and musician. John is hugely talented, and his style is unique and recognizable.

Steve Lucier and Darcy have come together on a few songs, including If You Were Mine  posted on the Music Page. Steve has a great style as a producer and is an awesome musician and arranger.

Yves Alain Debodinance (Yvalain) asked Darcy to lend her vocal to his wonderful original composition, All I Want Is You. It is no secret that Darcy has a heart for God, and feels honored to be able to serve Him through music. This collaboration with Yvalain shows his remarkable musical abilities, and their wish is for this song to bring hope.......

Another original Christian song - with a beat! Music composed by John Herote (with special credit to Claudio Monteverdi) and additional lyrics by Darcy, with original text by Oliver Wendel Holmes. Arranged and produced by John, and he is playing all instuments.

This is the Official Music Video for "Tonight" — an original song composed by John Herote, with lyrics by Mellina Barnett. Darcy had the privilege of working with a number of talented musicians to make this project a reality, and she is performing all vocals on this romantic love song. 

For more John Herote productions, click here

Patrick Collard is a multi-talented guitarist/songwriter from Resolven, United Kingdom. His heartfelt, original style reaches out and touches the soul. Darcy had the privelege of producing one of Patrick's original songs, "Cold, Cold Heart" — and this song is only one example of Patrick's abilty to paint with music.

For more Patrick Collard music, click here

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