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GASC FINALIST: "Love Her More Than I Do" 

GASC Press Release April 2016

“Instantly engaging hook and singer’s insightful point of view make this song special. The chorus also benefits from solid melodic construction. The overall lyrical story is effectively
communicated. It’s a real pleasure to hear this high level of songwriting... 

Music Review: Flawless Delivery

Sleeping Bag Studios April 2016

“Unspoken” seems to spring to bright, vibrant-life in Technicolor; everything sits right where it should be in the mix and Darcy sounds like she’s ready to take hold of her moment in music....

Music Review: Amazing Voice and Rich Imagery

Jamshere, The Independent Music Magazine  March 2015

“Love Her More Than I Do” is yet another beautiful lyrical and musical achievement in Darcy’s glowing catalog. Here Darcy invests the song with passionate vocals and shows her artistic chops as a writer by producing a song...



Love Like There's No Tomorrow



If You Were Mine


          I Am Gonna Tell        Original Song by Darcy Jeavons                  
                      Featuring   Alani Claire
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